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15 Surprising Stats About Brand New Online Casinos

Brand New Is Big Business


Generates billions of pounds

The online casino industry generates billions of pounds each year. Furthermore, most people have at least thought about joining a website at one stage or another. But while we all have preconceived ideas about those platforms, the real picture looks vastly different.

Here are just 15 things that you may not realise about online casinos.


1. New Casinos Enter The Market Daily

Demand has increased

While the UK introduced just one new casino in the second half of 2017, the online marketplace embraces new operators every single day. Some are good, some are not so good, but the choice is undoubtedly greater than ever for punters. Fortunately for the website owners, the level of demand has increased massively too.

2. Online Casinos Account For One-Third Of All Gambling

Growing popularity is visible

Given that the figure was in the single digits just a decade ago, the growing popularity is visible for all. The demand for offline casinos and high-street bookmakers will remain. Still, new online platforms stand a far better shot at success than independent operators in the physical world. Those trends are only set to continue over the coming years.

3. They’re Legally Obliged To Consider The 3%

Control problematic gamblers

Studies show that 3% of the gaming population suffer from pathological gambling. However, those figures climb up to around 20% for the online sector. Many people assume that online casinos target these people. In reality, there are legal requirements in place to help control problematic gamblers. Ultimately, though, the individual still needs to take responsibility.

4. Data Protection Is Incredible

Money security

Another aspect of customer care that all casinos pay attention to revolves around data protection and money security. Not only do they adhere to the rules of the Data Protection Act, but the industry often sets trends and inspires universal improvements. So, even if you’re a non-gambling online user, there’s a lot to be thankful for.

5. White Label Outweighs Independent Operators

Thousands of small sites

The concept of white label casinos has grown significantly in popularity over the past decade or so. Nowadays, there are thousands of small sites that are powered using the tech and games created by a bigger operation. Hundreds more will hit the market in 2018, with revenue split between the label and the site owner.

6. Most Market Themselves To Both Genders

84% of online gamblers are male

Market research shows that 84% of online gamblers are male. This is hardly a surprising figure for the general public, but the stats are influenced by items such as sportsbooks. The number of female players on slots and bingo continues to climb at a rapid rate. As such, most new online casinos will find marketing plans that target both sexes. The same can’t always be said for offline alternatives.

7. Mobile Gambling Is Up 75% Year On Year

Only continue to rise

In fact, playing through smartphone and tablet devices now accounts for around 25% of all online gambling. This figure will only continue to rise over the years, which is something all new casinos will know about. As such, multi-channel marketing and playing is high on the agenda of even the newest casinos.

8. Do Casinos Like It When You Win?

Their greatest marketing

Like normal casinos, online operators are there to win money from the punters. To do that, however, their biggest challenge revolves around building a bigger audience. When you win, it’s likely that you’ll tell friends, which may see them join. For similar reasons, the media coverage when someone wins a progressive jackpot can be one of their greatest marketing tools.

9. What Are The Most Popular Games?

Slots is top

No different to offline casinos. Slots is top of the pile, followed by roulette, poker, and blackjack are four mainstays of the online arena, and all casinos will boast at least some of them. Brand new online casinos often tap into the popularity of global lotteries too, as well as virtual ones. Ultimately, though, both online and offline casinos aim to provide similar experiences. Only in a slightly different manner.

10. Up To 90% Of Players Use Online Facilities

Likely to try different games

Incredibly, nine in every 10 casino users will play via online casinos. That doesn’t mean they won’t also use offline ones while it’s worth noting that most punters will be members of multiple websites. Studies also show that online players are more likely to try different games than land-based players. In offline casinos, players may stick to their one favourite concept.

11. Over 70% Of Profits Come From Slots

Slots are where most of their money comes from

New online casinos not only know that the bulk of players will use slots. They additionally know that the slots are where most of their money comes from. With this in mind, most place heavy emphasis on marketing those games and usually offer several variants. When adding new titles in the future, slots are the likely outcome once more.

12. New Casinos Offer The Best Bonuses

100% matched deposits and free spins

Hundreds of online casinos offer welcome bonuses and loyalty schemes. However, the established ones know that they will gain new players regardless. For new casinos, though, this can be the key to winning new clients. This is why many of them use ideas like 100% matched deposits and free spins. While members should always check the T&Cs, new casinos often offer great bonuses.

13. Over 30s Are A Surprising Target Market

Spend 3 to 5 hours gambling

Most players would assume that online casinos would target youngsters. But over 30s are likely to spend 3 to 5 hours gambling online while youngsters may only spend a few minutes before seeking other entertainment. This is due to financial situations and general life trends. Still, most brand new online casinos know these things and design their platforms accordingly.

14. They Don’t Actually Operate From Gibraltar

Laws and tax regulations

When signing up to a new online casino, you’ll often find that it is located in either Gibraltar or Monaco. While the company’s address is based in these locations, it’s probably due to gambling laws and tax regulations. So, don’t be surprised if the website is actually run by a company or owner living a lot closer to home.

15. Legitimate Casinos Aren’t Rigged

Random number generators

For many new players, the big concern about using online casinos is that they are rigged. Some are scams, but the vast majority are not. The genuine casinos tend to use tools like random number generators (RNGs) to select the next winner on roulette or the next slot machine outcome. Like any casino, the house’s edge simply comes from probability.

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